Sunshine and Second Chances – Chapter Three

Today I’m sharing Chapter Three from my latest novel Sunshine and Second Chances.

Sunshine and Second Chances - Kim Nash

In Chapter One you met Olivia and in Chapter Two you met Samantha. Today I’m introducing you to Debs and then tomorrow I’ll let you meet Fiona too.

Hope you love meeting my ladies as much as I enjoyed writing them.

SUNSHINE AND SECOND CHANCES: A heart-warming, feel-good summer read about friendship, love and second chances.

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Well, when there are two egg custards in the pack, and you live alone, surely they expect you to eat them both, thought Debs to herself as she crammed the last bit of the second one in her mouth.

Feeling way too full, and undoing the button on her jeans, she wished now that she’d put on her joggers. Who even invented joggers, anyway? Ironically, those who jogged didn’t bloody need elasticated-waisted trousers.

She felt so guilty for what she’d done, and what she seemed to be doing a lot lately, but it was almost as if food had become an obsession with her. She knew that she was overweight, and really wanted to do something about it, yet didn’t seem able, even though her doctor had warned her that she was in a health danger zone. It was almost as if because she was bigger now than she’d ever been and because she believed she’d never be able to put it right, she just ate what she wanted and thought, what the hell to the consequences. Sometimes, even when she felt so full after she’d eaten something, determined not to leave a morsel, it was almost as if she was testing her body to see just how far she could go before something drastic happened.

She’d felt so bad about herself since Dave left. He’d said that she’d let herself go and had put on a ton of weight, and wasn’t the same woman that he had married fifteen years ago. In fairness, he hadn’t been bald with a cauliflower ear, smelly feet and a beer belly when she’d met him, so it wasn’t only she who was guilty of changing. But one evening he’d sat her down and told her that he didn’t love her any more, and that he had been spending time with someone else and fallen in love. Debs’ jaw had dropped to the floor when he’d revealed that it was Penny from three doors down. The fact that he now lived there had devastated her. She’d known Penny since she’d moved into their close a couple of years earlier and had always thought she was really nice. They’d even been in each other’s houses for coffee during that time. She’d thought they were friends. Some friend she turned out to be.

Debs was really hit hard when she’d bumped into them last week in Tesco. It was typical that her trolley was full of cakes, bread and chocolate, and theirs was full of salad, fruit and vegetables. Dave just looked in her trolley and tutted at her, and Penny – who the girls on a Skype call one night had nicknamed Perfect Fucking Penny or PFP for short – smiled sweetly and swung her perfect blonde-highlighted ponytail in the opposite direction and sashayed off down the aisle.

Debs had stared at her peachy, tiny backside in tight multi-coloured leggings and couldn’t help but admire her flat stomach and six pack which were clearly visible in the vest top she was wearing as she reached on tiptoe to grab something from the top shelf. Debs realised that her own figure hadn’t looked like that since she’d been about twelve. She’d wrapped her baggy grey cardigan further around her body and her cheeks had burned, and she’d wished she’d made more of an effort that morning instead of grabbing the nearest pair of jeans and a tatty T-shirt, completing the outfit with a big comfy cardigan that you should really only ever wear when you are stopping in on your own. She found it hard to look her soon-to-be ex-husband in the eye.

‘We’ve just come from the gym,’ Dave had explained.

No shit, Sherlock, she’d thought as she’d looked at his outfit of shorts, T-shirt and bright white trainers. Debs had wondered how PFP didn’t seem to have a bead of sweat on her, yet Dave looked like he’d been working in the garden all day, sweaty and red faced. How did he ever pull her? He was definitely punching way above his weight, although he looked as if he’d shifted a few pounds recently, even though his belly was still hanging over the top of his shorts.

‘Come on, David darling, time to go,’ PFP had trilled from the egg aisle. ‘We’ve got to have an energy snack for lunch before we go to Zumba later. Bye, Deborah. Good to see you.’

Dave had muttered goodbye under his breath as he’d panted off down the aisle after her. Cheeky bitch, how dare she even speak to her.

Debs had gone over to the bakery section after that, eyeing up the cream cakes on display in the fridge – ninety-nine pence each or three for two pounds. It was a no brainer, she thought as she threw three into her basket. They’d do for pudding later. If she couldn’t eat them all, she could have one for breakfast tomorrow.

As she’d walked along the clothing aisle, she’d picked up a pretty blue-and-yellow maxi dress that had caught her eye. She knew that most of her current clothes weren’t going to fit her for the upcoming trip to Portugal and that it was probably better to go a size up, again, than spoil the holiday by being pissed off with herself because she couldn’t fit into anything. It wasn’t the normal sort of thing that she would wear but it was really pretty. She held it up against her body and looked in the mirror.

‘Oh, my dear.’ A little old lady who was walking past had stopped and put her hand on Debs’ arm. ‘That blue looks stunning on you. You have to buy it.’

Debs’ had glowed and thanked the lady, and placed the dress in her trolley. It was amazing how a stranger could say something kind and make you feel a whole lot better. Kindness costs nothing and compliments really can lift someone’s mood. Debs thought that the whole world would be a much nicer place if everyone would bear that in mind.

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