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I have been, a Belinda Jones fan since she started writing.  I’ve read every single one of her books the minute they’ve come out and I’ve missed having her fabulous writing in my life and hoping for years that she’ll write something soon. After a break of a few years, I discovered that she was writing again, and it made me incredibly happy.

I literally did a little happy dance on Saturday morning when I opened up my emails and there, sat in all it’s glory was an advanced copy of THE HOTEL WHERE WE MET for me to read.  There were lots of jobs that I needed to do over the weekend and we had lots of plans but to be honest, at every opportunity I could find, I dipped into this book.

So what did I think? 

Wow! Wow! Wow! This book gave me ALL THE FEELS AND THEN SOME!

From the very first word to the very last, I was totally immersed in Chloe’s world in Coronado and I totally and utterly adored EVERY SINGLE WORD. 

I read the last 25% of it through tears. Tears of sadness and joy. And I devoured every single word so slowly, never wanting this book to end but wanting to get to the conclusion.

Belinda Jones is a total genius!   Who would have thought that time-travel in a romance would work? But oh boy does it work!! 

With characters so perfectly created that you felt that you were the protagonist, experiencing every single part of her journey, along with leading men, who were dashing and fabulous, mixed with a stunning and incredible location that I need to visit as soon as I possibly can, this book just left me smiling the biggest smile possible.

A surprise cameo from one of the most famous people in the world, made me grin from ear to ear and wish that I was right there. 

I have never wanted to visit a book location more. I was googling pictures, checking out flights and the hotel costs. In fact last night I even watched the film SOME LIKE IT HOT which is featured in the book and lapped up every moment. Watching the hotel on the film, made me feel like I’d already been there, it felt so familiar to me. I think it may be my spiritual home. Please take me with you next time you go Belinda! I NEED to go there!

This is definitely, my most favourite book of the year so far and I think probably one of my most favourite books EVER!!!

It’s such a heart warming, feel good, wonderful read that left me with a proper fuzzy feeling in my heart and my stomach.

In fact once I’d finished, I couldn’t even pick up another book because this one was still on my mind so much. What a book hangover it gave me.

What a flipping come back Belinda Jones.   You have smashed it out of the park.

I sincerely hope that your writing mojo has well and truly returned and I cannot wait to read more of your fabulous books in the future.



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About the book


There’s a very particular reason why Chloe Sinclair has not met her Mr Right – he doesn’t exist. And he doesn’t exist because he was never born. And the reason he was never born is because the right couples in history did not get together. It now falls to Chloe to travel back in time to matchmake like her love-life depended on it…

Each of Chloe’s trips revolves around the iconic Hotel Del Coronado – part historic landmark, part Californian fairytale. Here she experiences the Victorian era when the doors first opened, the Roaring Twenties, the Fifties during the filming of Some Like It Hot and the Eighties karaoke party of your dreams!

A very special friendship has guided her to this point but the adventures go way beyond Chloe’s expectations and she soon learns that, when it comes to love, it’s all in the timing…

Belinda Jones is the bestselling author of 12 feel-good, escapist romantic comedy novels (including The California Club, Club Tropicana and Out of the Blue) designed to spirit you away to another world…

About the author


Belinda Jones is the bestselling author of 12 travelicious novels set in dream locations from Tahiti to Capri. Her latest novel – THE HOTEL WHERE WE MET – takes the travel theme a step further with time travel to the Victorian era, Roaring Twenties, Fifties and Eighties for the best music party – all set on a dreamy Californian beach!

If you like Red Velvet Cake, Whoopie Pie or pink cupcakes, join four generations of women on a cake-themed odyssey around New England with THE TRAVELLING TEA SHOP 

If you’re a Dog-lover or USA-lover you’ll enjoy Belinda’s real life memoir BODIE ON THE ROAD – The Dogged Pursuit of Happiness. (Think EAT PRAY LOVE meet MARLEY & ME!) There’s also a matching website with lots of fun dog travel tips & guides:

Belinda’s first real-life road trip memoir – ON THE ROAD TO MR RIGHT: The Search For The American Dream Guy – made the Sunday Times Top 10 alongside her hero Bill Bryson. 

The Romantic Novelists’ Association nominated her one snowy story – WINTER WONDERLAND – for Best Romantic Comedy of the Year. The action takes place during the magical Quebec Winter Carnival and features husky puppies (hence the pic!)

For everyone who wishes life could be one long holiday but has a short attention span, Belinda has teamed up with some of the hottest writers in women’s fiction to take you Around the World in 80+ Stories with the bumper SUNLOUNGER & SUNLOUNGER 2 short story anthologies! Visit to discover more about the talent involved, including Milly Johnson, Alexandra Potter, Ruth Saberton, Talli Roland and Victoria Fox.

Belinda’s dream home is the paradise island of Coronado (the setting for THE HOTEL WHERE WE MET) but she and Bodie are currently spending the summer in Devon, UK doing intensive Cream Tea research.
Instagram: @bodieontheroad and @belindajoneswriter
FB: Belinda Jones Travel Club

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