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safe-with-me-kindleI’m delighted on publication day of Safe With Me to be joined by the author KL Slater. Wow! This book was amazeballs! What a corker! It had me gripped from the very start and my heart increasingly pounded with trepidation as the book progresses to a crescendo which was brilliant.  I found myself shouting and the characters and getting quite stressed! I highly recommend this book!  It’s a fabulous read!

So, let me grab KL Slater as she’s going to be having a very busy day!

How does it feel to be finally on publication day of Safe With Me? 

Well, it’s that strange feeling everyone will recognise . . . that sense of really looking forward to something that seems absolutely ages away and then suddenly, IT’S HERE and now it’s a bit scary as well as mega-exciting!! It feels rather like that.

Reviews are amazing for this book.  Where did the idea come from?

I’m so delighted and grateful with the reviews readers have taken the time to post for Safe With Me, it really means a lot to authors.

The character of Anna came first. Her voice appeared in my head one day and wouldn’t go away. If you’ve read the book then you’ll know that Anna gets what Anna wants . . . and she wanted me to write her story. Who am I to argue?!

I originally wrote the first fifteen thousand words for the dissertation for my English & Creative Writing degree. The storyline was quite different then but Anna’s voice was just the same as it is today.

Where do you write?

In my little writing room in our apartment. I keep it as warm as an oven and burn Nag Champa while I work. My husband, Mac, brings me in regular cups of tea but immediately dashes back out because he can’t stand the heat or incense smog!

I also love to write in bed but can’t sustain it as I get too much tension in my neck and shoulders.

Who are your favourite authors? 

I read very widely and across many genres but I still have a soft spot for the early novels of Stephen King . . . Misery, The Shining . . . those were the days! My favourite genre to read is Crime and I have too many favourites to mention!

What’s next for KL Slater? 

I’ve just completed my second psychological thriller for Bookouture which is out early next year. It’s very creepy and tense with a killer twist and I hope it will thrill my readers every bit as much as Safe With Me.

What are you doing to celebrate publication day? 

I’m going to be having a ball on social media, chatting to my readers and generally having fun. I really intend to enjoy the moment now that my debut psychological thriller is out there in the world!

Later I’m taking part in an author chat hosted by Shell Baker on Facebook where I’ll be answering any burning questions readers may have and swigging lots of virtual fizz with them.

Finally, my lovely husband is cooking a nice celebration meal with a bottle of champers to round off what I hope will be the perfect day!


UK: http://amzn.to/2eZWv9s

US: http://amzn.to/2ecIT97

Thirteen years ago someone did something very bad to Anna. Now it’s her turn to get even …

Anna lives a solitary existence, taking solace in order and routine. Her only friend is the lonely old lady next door. She doesn’t like to let people to get too close – she knows how much damage they can do.

Then one ordinary day Anna witnesses a devastating road accident and recognises the driver as Carla, the woman who ruined her life all those years ago. Now it’s Anna’s chance to set things straight but her revenge needs to be executed carefully …

First she needs to get to know Liam, the man injured in the accident. She needs to follow the police investigation. She needs to watch Carla from the shadows…

But as Anna’s obsession with Carla escalates, her own secrets start to unravel. Is Carla really dangerous or does Anna need to worry about someone far closer to home?

fullsizerenderAbout KL Slater

For many years, Kim sent her work out to literary agents but never made it off the slush pile. At the age of 40 she went back to Nottingham Trent University and now has an MA in Creative Writing.

Before graduating, she received five offers of representation from London literary agents which was, as Kim says, ‘a fairytale … at the end of a very long road!’

Kim is a full-time writer and lives in Nottingham with her husband, Mac.


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