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Very happy to be on the blog tour for Villa of Secrets by Patricia Wilson.  A gorgeous cover which draws you in straight away made this a definitely must read for me.

About the book: 

Rebecca Neumanner’s marriage is on the brink of collapse, as her desire to be a mother becomes an obsession. Then she receives news from her estranged family in Rhodes.

Called back to the beautiful Greek island of her birth, she realises how little she knows of the grandmother she has eluded for over a decade. Bubba has never spoken of the Nazi occupation during her youth, but there have always been whispers. What desperate measures did she take that terrible day in 1944 when her family was ripped apart? Can the rumour she had blood on her own hands really be true? But Bubba intends to take her secrets to the grave.

However, as Rebecca arrives on Rhodes, bringing the promise of new life, this broken family must come together. The time has come to tell the truth about the darkest of days…

So what did I think?

Wow! I totally fell in love with this book.

The author writes in such an evocative and emotional style that the reader cannot help but get totally lost in the book.  The descriptions paint such a picture that you can almost feel like you are there in Rhodes, smelling the food and taking in the atmosphere.

It compelled me from the first page through to the very last page with the mysteries and secrets unravelling as I totally absorbed myself in the two stories which ran beautifully alongside each other through diary reading.  One story, in the present time in Rhodes focussing on Bubba, Naomi and Rebecca and the other back in Rhodes during the second world war and featuring the incredibly interesting life of Dora after her family were “taken” by the Nazi’s.

I warmed so much to Dora, who just wanted her family back. And how incredibly brave she was for such a young girl!

This book also educated me to the history of Rhodes and the atrocities that went on in in the war which I had absolutely no idea about despite me having a few holidays there and visited some of the places that were mentioned in the book.

A book about secrets and trust, and families and love.  A beautifully written, highly compelling read which I would absolutely recommend.

About the author: 

Patricia was born in Liverpool and now lives in the village of Paradissi in Rhodes, where the book is set. She was first inspired to write when she unearthed a machine gun in her garden – one used in the events that unfolded during World War II on the island.

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