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I’m a huuuuuuge fan of Kelly Rimmer; she’s such an amazing writer who always takes you on an emotional rollercoaster in her books. When invited to read and review this book for her blog tour, I couldn’t wait to get stuck into The Things We Cannot Say. And oh boy was I glad that I had the opportunity to read this amazing book, that I’m pretty sure that I’ll remember for ever!

About the book

Inspired by the author’s family history, a searing page-turner of war, family secrets and a love to defy all odds, from the Top Ten Australian bestselling author of Before I Let You Go.

2019. Life changed beyond recognition for Alice when her son, Eddie, was born with autism spectrum disorder. She must do everything to support him, but at what cost to her family? When her cherished grandmother is hospitalised, a hidden box of mementoes reveals a tattered photo of a young man, a tiny leather shoe and a letter. Her grandmother begs Alice to return to Poland to see what became of those she held dearest.

WWII. Alina and Tomasz are childhood sweethearts. The night before he leaves for college, Tomasz proposes marriage. But when their village falls to the Nazis, Alina doesn’t know if Tomasz is alive or dead.

2019. In Poland, separated from her family, Alice begins to uncover the story her grandmother is so desperate to tell, and discovers a love that bloomed in the winter of 1942. As a painful family history comes to light, will the struggles of the past and present finally reach a heartbreaking resolution?

‘The Things We Cannot Say is such an emotional and powerful read that I found it almost impossible to put down. I was riveted, and will be recommending this book to everyone I know’ Lisa Ireland, author of The Shape of Us

So what did I think?

WOW! What a stunning, beautifully written, phenomenal book!

I absolutely loved every single word and page of it! Both the storylines which ran alongside each other, one from Poland in World War II and one from the present, were fascinating, brilliantly written and beautifully woven.

I’d be surprised if any reader failed to fall in love with these brave, incredible, inspirational wonderful characters. I love a book that I learn from and I learned so much about what the people of Poland went through in those awful times but also how parents of now, cope with challenging times in their lives. And it was fabulous to see all of the characters grow on their own journeys whichever story they came from.

I particularly loved Alice’s story and how as a mother, she put the most needy person in her family, in front of everyone and everything, even if it was to the detriment of the rest of the family. As parents, I think we all muddle through thinking that we are doing a rubbish job, but what we are all actually doing is the best we can do at the time. I loved the fact that she wanted to solve the mystery of her grandmother’s history so that she could pass away in peace with the truth being told.

Alina was another incredible character, in fact, every character in the book, was perfectly moulded and made you feel every single emotion that they felt. But what awful times they lived through which made me truly grateful, that I have never had to face some of the challenges that she did. But Alina, oh my goodness, she was SO brave and inspiring. Putting herself in danger to help others, suffered atrocities that would have made a lot of us crumble.

This book gripped me from the very first page, I was so compelled to find out the mystery. It was a book that I couldn’t stop thinking about and even now weeks later, still think about those characters.

Kelly’s writing has grown so much since her first book and you can tell that she really does throw her heart and soul into her craft.

Utterly compelling and gripping! Totally stunning!

A masterpiece!

About the author

Kelly Rimmer is the USA Today best selling author of contemporary fiction novels including Me Without You, The Secret Daughter, When I Lost You, A Mother’s Confession and her most recent release, Before I Let You Go. She lives in rural Australia with her husband and children. For further information about Kelly’s books, and to subscribe to her mailing list, visit

Twitter : @KelRimmerWrites

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Instagram : @kelrimmerwrites

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