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In this chilling tale of paranoia, suspicion and accusation, Lesley Kara keeps you guessing until the final page.  Paula Hawkins

A great debut with a slyly clever premise and a rollercoaster ride to the very last sentence.  Fiona Barton, bestselling author of THE WIDOW

About the book:

When single mum Joanna hears a rumour at the school gates, she never intends to pass it on. But one casual comment leads to another and now there’s no going back . . .

Rumour has it that a notorious child killer is living under a new identity, in their sleepy little town of Flinstead-on-Sea.

Sally McGowan was just ten years old when she stabbed little Robbie Harris to death forty-eight years ago – no photos of her exist since her release as a young woman.

So who is the supposedly reformed killer who now lives among them? How dangerous can one rumour become? And how far will Joanna go to protect her loved ones from harm, when she realizes what it is she’s unleashed?

What did I think: 

WOW! Is what I thought! The Rumour was one of those books that got you wondering how you would react in a situation like this, and it was a situation where the tension grows and grows and gave you bad little flutters in your tummy, not sure where it was going to end up. 

It was a really believable plot too and could happen to anyone.  And showed how something that was never intentional or meant with any real malice, could get so out of hand just because someone wanted to fit in and would do anything to stop her son being bullied.  I do think there are some lessons to be learned from this book though in being careful what you say to who, and get your facts straight before you pass information on as it could be truly devastating in the wrong hands.  

I hadn’t a flipping clue who the “killer” was and think I probably suspected most people in the book except the person it actually was!

The Rumour would make a great book club read, because it would really throw up some most interesting discussion points in my opinion.  The plot was quite simplistic but that’s what made it really engrossing and compelling for me as the tension built and built!  

This was an excellent debut novel and I would definitely highly recommend it.  

About the author: 

Lesley Kara is an alumna of the Faber Academy ‘Writing a Novel’ course. She completed an English degree and PGCE at Greenwich University, having previously worked as a nurse and a secretary, and then became a lecturer and manager in Further Education. Lesley has relocated to a small town
on the North Essex coast, where she is currently working on her second novel.

The germ of the idea for her debut novel came to Lesley when she passed on a rumour about a notorious figure who was said to be in a ‘safe house’ somewhere in the vicinity she was living at the time. For a few days, Lesley couldn’t help looking at the houses she walked past every day and wondering not only ‘what if’, but how she would feel if she knew for
sure. . . and the difference between what is in the ‘public interest’ versus plain old curiosity.

It got her thinking about how we never really know who our neighbours and acquaintances are. But she also started thinking about the vitriol so often levelled at perpetrators of such crimes – that goes way beyond any notion of justice but spills over into revenge fantasies and vigilantism.

The Rumour portrays the uneasy relationship between the media, the victim’s family and the perpetrator of a heinous crime. It shows how far children, often victims themselves, can be held responsible for their crimes and whether true redemption is ever possible. Throughout the novel Lesley threads articles and news stories that invite opinion on these themes.

Don’t just take my word though that this is an awesome read, there are some brilliant reviews on Amazon for this book.  There’s also a blog tour taking place so you can check out some of the other awesome book bloggers on the tour and find out what they thought too! 

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If you like this, please share.

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