Blog Tour Review – The House by the Sea by Louise Douglas

When I found out that Louise Douglas was bringing out another book I did a little dance of excitement. She’d signed with Boldwood Books and the book was called The House by the Sea and there was no way that I wasn’t dropping everything on my schedule to read it. I’ve been a huge fan of Louise’s since I discovered her and totally adore her writing.

About the book

When Edie’s mother-in-law, Anna DeLuca, dies, she is relieved. Edie blames Anna for the accident that destroyed her family. So, when her will lures Edie to Sicily and the long-abandoned Villa della Madonna del Mare, she sees through Anna’s games.

Suspecting Anna is meddling from beyond the grave to try to reunite her and her ex-husband Joe, Edie is determined to leave Italy as soon as possible. But before she can, the villa starts to shed its mysterious secrets.

Who are the girls beside Anna in her childhood photos, and why has one of them been scratched out? Why does someone, or something, want them to leave the past untouched? The villa is a place where old ghosts feel at home, but does their legacy need to be laid to rest before Edie and Joe can move on…

Bestselling author Louise Douglas returns with a captivating, chilling and unforgettable tale of betrayal, jealousy and the mysteries hidden in every family history.

So what did I think?

OMG! I knew I missed Louise’s writing but I didn’t know just how much until I started reading this latest masterpiece!

I absolutely loved the way that Edie felt the spirit of a very loved person from her past around her all the time! I totally adored the Villa della Madonna del Mare and Louise’s evocative, beautiful writing transported me right there, so I could absolutely picture myself on the terrace and exploring the rooms! And the way that the mystery around the house and the village unravelled its secrets compelling you to turn every page and devour the brilliant story.

The relationship between Edie and Joe was written fantastically, two people that were once so in love, yet had drifted so far apart by devastating circumstances, being forced together and a new kind of relationship developing between them despite their differences.

This is SUCH an amazing book! If I raved about all the things I loved about, it would totally spoil the plot.

It was compelling, it was mysterious, it was purely captivating.

So I will simply say BUY THIS BOOK. You will not regret it.

And please Louise, don’t ever give up writing. Reading one of your books again, felt like coming home! Please don’t keep me waiting so long next time!

About the author

Hello and thanks for visiting my author page. Six of my books have been published so far, The Secrets Between Us was a Richard and Judy choice and Missing You won an RNA ‘People’s Choice’ award. My seventh book, The House by the Sea, is due to be published by Boldwood in February 2020. I live in Somerset.

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