Blog tour review – The Gin Palace by Tracy Whitwell

Being a gin swilling old lush, I couldn’t resist the sound of this book when the invitation to take part in the blog tour was offered. Before I started it though, I wanted to read the first book in the series, The Accidental Medium, as I’m a bit of a stickler for reading books in order. And I am so very glad that I did. It was such a great, funny, poignant, and entertaining read.

About the book

Tracy Whitwell’s second novel Gin Palace picks up with the main character, Tanz, from The Accidental Medium, as she grows accustomed to her rather unusual gift . . .

Tanz can talk to ghosts, although she’d prefer it if she couldn’t. Struggling to make ends meet as an actress and wholly unsuited to supply teaching, Tanz is only one bad day away from a meltdown. And the babbling ghosts aren’t helping.

So when Tanz is offered a paid acting gig in her hometown, things start to look up. But Newcastle’s dead won’t stay quiet for long, and soon Tanz becomes haunted with visions of a mysterious Gin Palace guarded by a sinister figure. As Tanz starts to piece together a terrible tragedy, it becomes clear there’s no limit to what the poltergeist will do to keep his secrets his own.

Unfortunately, he’s never met anyone quite like Tanz before . . .

So what did I think?

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the series and this was equally as entertaining. I LOVE Tanz. She’s ace! And I would definitely be interested in reading more about her and her antics! I sincerely hope there are more to come as I am definitely already a huge fan!

The depth of her friendship she has with Milo is written divinely and is probably my most favourite thing in the book. Tanz is such a fabulous character and one I would blooming love to be best friends with! Although Milo is pretty cool too.

There are lots of laugh-out-loud moments in both books and the author is skilled at flipping a hilarious situation, so that you can be needing a box of tissues the next as she takes you on an emotional rollercoaster that you weren’t really expecting.

I love a book about humourous mediums, my favourite one being Kitty French’s The Skeletons of Scarborough House which is one of my favourite books EVER! And this was very much in a similar vein.

With perfect plots and spectacular spooks to see off, Tanz has no choice but to use her ‘powers’ to make bad situations good. And she does it with humour, flair and everything she has sometimes leaving her totally depleted. But she’s such a great person, that she still does what she has to. Have I mentioned that she’s fab?

This book comes highly recommended from me and I can’t wait to see what Tracy Whitwell comes up with next in this brilliantly entertaining series. I hope they just keen on coming!

About the author

Tracy Whitwell was born, brought up and educated in the north-east of England. She wrote plays and short stories

from an early age, then in the nineties moved to London where she became a busy actress on stage and screen.

After having her son, she wound down the acting to concentrate on writing full time. Many projects followed until she finally found the courage to write her first novel – The Accidental Medium, a work of fiction based on a whole heap of crazy truth​, which is now a trilogy, with more to come.

Today, Tracy lives in north London with her son, surrounded by a coven of friends as spooky as she is, and makes podcasts about ghosts when she’s not writing. Tracy is nothing like her lead character Tanz in The Accidental Medium . (This is a lie.)

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