Blog Tour Review – Dr Tony Ortega’s #AreYouHereYet

When I saw a book which was called #AREYOUHEREYET: How to STFU and Show Up For Yourself, I knew that I needed to read it and immediately signed up for the blog tour. I love a self-help book and this one was a little gem!

About the book

#AreYouHereYet: How To STFU and Show Up For Yourself is the sequel to Dr. Ortega’s debut self-help book, #IsHeHereYet: Being the Person You Want to Be With.

It follows Dr. Ortega’s signature raw, humorous, and compelling style as he continues examining the perceived epidemic of being single in our universal quest for love. When a person is committed to doing all the work to improve themselves by being “The One” (and thereby improve their love life), what happens when nothing seems to happen afterward?

Through witty, thought-provoking writing, sassy #OMG Moments, case studies, and “Tea Time with Tony” (end-of-chapter exercises for the reader), Dr. Ortega helps readers explore the personal blocks and self-limiting beliefs that keep them stuck. It’s a second chance at not only improving, but falling in love with, themselves. It provides essential “what next?” support in a sea of self-help books focused on the start of the journey.

So what did I think?

This is a no-nonsense self-help book which will really get you thinking about how much you want something. It will then inspire you to go get what you want.

I really enjoyed the author’s relaxed, witty, writing style. Reading this book, is as if you were sitting chatting to him and working through any issues you might have and those that you didn’t even realise you had.

There are some great quotes at the start of every chapter and then lots of great, advice and anecdotes from the author. The OMG Moments really do hit home too. Case studies are relatable and he then ends each Chapter with Tea Time With Tony which are questions which really reach into the depths of your soul.

Chapter Three – Social Media: Check yourself… Before you wreck yourself was a particularly relative and poignant one for me. In a world where social media is a total addiction for many, me included, it really got me questioning my own stance on it and made me change my ways. Albeit small and slow, but I definitely steer clear way more than I did before.

It made me wish that people used social media for what it was originally intended. It’s great to use it for keeping in touch with friends and family and sharing pictures etc, what it isn’t there for is to make people feel crap about their lives. It made me think twice about even commenting on people’s posts. Do I really need to? Will it enhance my life? Will it start an argument? It made me wonder if there is so much stress and anxiety in the world, because some people feel that they have to share their opinion with everyone else. Everyone just needs to chill the hell out. My personal opinion only!

It’s made me think about what I post, is it necessary? Is it purposeful? Is it kind?

I reckon this book could be a life-changer for some. It’s definitely shaken my world. Not only is it inspirational, it’s also a pleasure and very easy to read.

Highly recommended.

About the author

Dr Tony Ortega is a first-generation Cuban American. He is a licensed clinical psychologist, life coach, and author who has been in practice since 1992, currently serving the LGBTQ population in his private practice located in Brooklyn, New York

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