Blog tour review – Annie Beaton’s Year of Positive Thinking by Mink Elliot

Thanks so much to Sarah Hardy for inviting me on this blog tour.

About the book


Get a new job

Get a new man

Get a new LIFE!

It’s Annie Beaton’s 50th birthday! But instead of getting roses and perfume, she gets sacked, her son, Ben, tells her she’s growing a beard and her husband Joe tells her he wants a divorce.

Moving to the countryside to stay in her eccentric aunt’s house, Annie must find her mojo again – and fast. So when she discovers a stack of self-help books, Annie vows to use their advice – from Chicken Soup for the Soul to The Secret – to get her life back on track. Never mind that her 9-going-on-19-year-old daughter, Izzy, is currently engaging Annie in psychological warfare and her adorable 6-year-old son, Ben, spends more time wetting the bed than making friends at his new school…

But now, armed with a load of affirmations/inspirational quotes/positive vibes, Annie’s determined to kick her Crappy Old Year to the kerb and have a brilliantly Happy New Year. Just as soon as she’s had her chin waxed…

A hilarious, laugh-out-loud feel-good read – fans of Gill Sims, Sophie Ranald and Tracy Bloom will be hooked!

What did I think?

This was a fun read with lots of laugh out loud moments which as a single mum, a dog parent, AND a fan of self-help books, there were many many situations that I could completely relate to.

There were tons of witty phrases and episodes, one after another and a pace that never let up all the way through.

I enjoyed going on Annie’s journey with her. The three positive things that she managed to find at the end of each day, were sometimes poignant and sometimes hilarious. I questioned Annie’s parenting style at times, and then questioned my own too! She seemed to constantly dig herself into holes which was a little frustrating but kind of enjoyable to watch her try to worm her way out of them too.

And I love the author even more now I know she is the dog mum of a Setter. As one mum of a Setter owner to another, she has my every sympathy – LOL.

There are lots of fantastic authors on the blog tour for this book. Do follow their blog posts to find out what they loved about this book too.

About the author

Mink Elliott’s always been into writing – mainly about the ups and downs of family life. Her first novel, The Pissed-Off Parents Club chartered the first year in the life of an older new mum and the toll a baby takes – sorry, the joy a baby brings – and her second novel, Just Another Manic Mum-Day, dealt with trying to find yourself again amongst the chaos and clutter created by a wilful toddler when you’ve got another one on the way. Born in Manchester only to be teased mercilessly about ‘jam butties’ when her family moved to Adelaide when she was seven years old, Mink now lives with her daughter, son and bonkers Irish Setter in a small village in Berkshire. Like Annie Beaton, she tries to practise positive thinking and mindfulness, but is more likely to be found mindlessly Hoovering up a packet (or two) of Tunnock’s Tea Cakes than square breathing.   


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