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SW19(bluetext)I love Nicola May books. I’ve read them all. Over the years, she’s made me cry, she’s made me laugh a lot and a couple of times I’ve even snorted! Very attractive! When I was asked to take part in a blog tour for her latest book The SW19 Club, I was over the moon.  Due to technical issues and me being in Wales with no internet, I struggled to get my post up, but today, here it is!  

I completely and utterly loved this book.  My full review can be found by clicking here.

Nicola asked whether I’d like to ask her a question about the book so I asked her how it feels writing about a subject which is very close to her heart, and how she felt this book will help others in a similar situation to herself. 

It was a sunny day on the Friday of Royal Ascot in 2011 (Royal Ascot is an annual iconic horse racing event in the social calendar where the Queen and several other members of the Royal family attend) when I don’t think I could have felt happier.

After my second IVF attempt, I was pregnant with twins and all dressed up on the arm of my boyfriend of six years. I could hear the crowd roaring their approval as the Queen came out on the balcony to watch the horses parade in the paddock. As they did so my partner led me to a quiet spot of grass, got down on one knee and gave me the most beautiful diamond ring I had ever seen in my life.

The crowd cheered again and I laughed saying they must have heard his outpouring of love for me. I could sense our little beings inside of me and I felt like I might burst with excitement. I was soon to be a Mrs, with a family of four!

Nursery plans afoot, I choose colours, blinds, furniture, even ticked off the baby names I thought would sound good together. Two boys? Two girls? One of each? I didn’t care as long as they were healthy.

Two months later, and I was hit from what my friend describes as ‘a fist from above’. My precious babies couldn’t stay with me. They left me with such a force, if I’d been stabbed in the heart it would have hurt less. To increase the pain instead of my partner and I clinging together, we very sadly fell apart. Then, due to ongoing health problems with my womb I had to make the horrendous decision to have a hysterectomy.

I went through some very dark moments, but I’m a resilient woman and realised that banging my fists on the floor saying ‘Why me’ would be of little use. After losing my mum when she was just 41, I know that life is for living and I wasn’t going to waste a precious second of it. The decision was made that my books would be my babies instead!

Throughout my sadness, I was lucky to have the amazing support of family and friends, but I realised not enough is ever said or discussed about losing children or not being able to have children. It can easily be brushed under the carpet. And, just because those little people are never seen, it doesn’t make the pain of loss any less. In fact, ‘could have beens’ are so much harder.

Last year I felt strong enough to be able to express my emotions about the topic, hence The SW19 Club being born.

When Gracie Davies is faced with the news she can no longer have children, she is at an all-time low. Finding the subject is almost taboo; she sets up The SW19 Club where women in similar situations can chat openly about the unspoken issues of fertility in a supportive and fun environment.

My heart, soul and many tears went into the writing of this book in the hope it will help others who have suffered or are suffering similar pain, or are going through any kind of fertility treatment.

But…please don’t be put off by the base storyline; the novel is in fact a romantic comedy full of love, life lessons and triumph over adversity.

Sending huge hugs to this beautiful lady who is the mother of some bloody awesome books!

The Blurb

What would you do if you were told you could never have children?

Faced with this news, Gracie Davies is at an all-time low. But with the support of some new Wimbledon friends, an unorthodox therapist, her hippy-chick sister Naomi and Czech call-girl Maya, she sets up The SW19 Club and begins her rocky journey to inner peace and happiness. Add in a passionate fling with handsome landscaper Ed, a fairytale encounter with a Hollywood filmstar and the persistence of her adulterous ex, life is anything but predictable…

I completely and utterly LOVED  this book and wish Nicola every success with it.  I hope it’s going to be HUGE!   It’s out now so do yourself a favour and order it now! You won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Lainy SMBSLT on July 26, 2015 at 11:07 am

    Oh this sounds like a really good book, great review, worth keeping an eye out for. Thanks!


    P.s Found you via #BookConnectors group on facebook 😀

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