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Internationally bestselling author Peter James is back this May with the 13th novel in his award-winning Roy Grace series, Need You Dead, and for the first time he’s embarking on a virtual tour which I was delighted to be invited to take part in as I’m a bit in awe of Peter and even though I saw him at Harrogate Crime Writing Festival last year, I didn’t have the courage to say hi! Maybe that’ll change when I go again this year!

I love that for my blog tour post I get to share:

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Peter James

1) I was once Orson Welles’ house cleaner

2) My mother was glove-maker to the Queen

3) I love motor racing, and own a number of historic cars that I race

4) I was selected to train for the British Olympic Ski Team at 15 years old

5) I once broke the Under 16s British 100 yards sprinting record.

What did I think? 

I was a bit scared about reading this book because, as the people in my book club know, I shake with stress when someone mentions reading a series out of order!  I’m not OCD in any way whatsoever in my life, but I am a bit OCD about reading books in series order, clearly a case of FOMO (fear or missing out!)  but I was assured that I would be able to read this without worrying that I’d missed some important information and would feel that I was missing bits of a puzzle.

It was true! I didn’t feel at all like I’d missed out on the previous books.  There were times when I wished I’d read all the others first but only because I was enjoying this book so much that I wished I’d had the pleasure of all the others too.  I would definitely love to binge read the whole series and obviously a great place to start is on book 1 which is called Dead Simple and is on Amazon at the incredible price of just 49p right now!

This was a great story and I was kept guessing as to the killer was while the story twisted and turned and threw up red herrings all over the place.  I really enjoyed reading this book! Thoroughly entertaining and brilliantly written, I can definitely see why this series is so flipping successful.

About the book

In Need You Dead, Grace is faced with the body of an abused wife found in the bath of a secret flat, a crime scene suspiciously clean…  But with his previous case not yet sentenced, a dangerous hitman under his watch and the sudden arrival of a thirteen-year-old son he’s only just discovered, Grace is forced to rely on his team more than ever. But as ever more threatening men are linked to the victim, can he trust his team to follow procedure? Or could there be even more sinister secrets within the force?

As always, Peter’s writing is heavily researched and in this latest he explored spiralling cases of cyber-crime, the response process to domestic disputes and Scotland Yard’s Super Recogniser team. This specialist unit was set up after the London riots when it was discovered that some officers can recognise faces with an accuracy rate of up to 90% where the average person recognises just 23% of the faces seen.

Peter had a phenomenal year last year, receiving the coveted Crime Writers’ Association Diamond Dagger Award, an award to mark sustained excellence a significant contribution to crime writing. He stormed the charts with 3 titles in the Sunday Times Bestseller lists within a month, including the previous Roy Grace title Love You Dead, and he has now sold over 18million copies of the crime series worldwide. The great detective has also once again translated to stage this year, with Not Dead Enough starring Shane Ritchie and Laura Whitmore, touring the UK to critical acclaim this spring and being shortlisted for the London Book Fair’s CAMEO awards.

Peter also launched an exciting new channel Peter James TV, a go-to source for all things crime for both Roy Grace fans, and crime readers yet to try the series. Welcoming you behind the scenes, interviewing crime royalty such from R.L Stine and Martina Cole, to Paula Hawkins and Val McDermid and delivering explosive footage of Peter’s research for his novels, insider writing advice, reading recommendations and a window into some of the top crime events around the globe. Take a look:

You can find out more about Peter James at and Peter’s website.  If you want to follow him on Twitter, he is @peterjamesuk.

Need You Dead, the thirteenth in the award-winning DS Roy Grace series by Peter James, is out 18th May (Macmillan, £20.00)

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