Blog Tour – The Gin Shack on the Beach by Catherine Miller

As you probably all know by now, I do have a bit of a reputation for being a gin swilling old lush! Less of the old I say!

So you can imagine my delight and also disappointment when I saw the cover reveal for Catherine Miller’s The Gin Shack on the Beach. Delight because it was gorgeous, the description sounded fantastic and there was gin in the title – what’s not to love about that! Disappointment because I didn’t think to write it first! Catherine Miller is a blooming genius!

So when I was invited to be on the blog tour, AND on World Gin Day, I was extremely excited!

I couldn’t wait to get stuck in to this book the minute it was uploaded to my Kindle and once that first page was opened, nobody was going to shift me from my spot on the sofa!

Now Olive, is a character who I warmed to straight away. An older lady, who didn’t want to live alone anymore and have all the day to day looking after a big house and thought that going into a retirement complex would be perfect for her.   And she could just about accept it all and even look forward to it, because she could keep going along to her favourite place in the whole world, her beach hut, her sanctuary.

But Richard, her son had different ideas and between him and the woman who ran the home, they tried to clip her wings and make her act her age. However, Olive was having none of it and with her new BFFs Veronica and Randy, they plotted and found a way to have the best of both worlds and live their lives to the full. All she wanted to do was the find the perfect G&T. I know how she feels, I look for it quite a lot too! LOL!

I JUST ADORED EVERYTHING ABOUT OLIVE! I wanted her to be in my family! She’d had something terribly sad happen in her past which unfolded as the book progressed, which I was dying to know about.   It had shaped her life dramatically and that of her son and I wanted to know what it was because I really wanted to help her.

The book was a cosy hilarious feel good mystery if that could be a genre.

The antics that the three amigos got up to were hilarious and I found myself with a stupid grin on my face while I was reading. There were parts when I snorted my own gin and tonic down my nose, a bit messy I have to say! I laughed so much! And there were times when I felt so sorry for Olive, because she didn’t want to accept that she was getting old.

It made me think about people as they grow older. These days, little old ladies don’t want to sit and knit and drink tea, they want to go out and dance on the tables, dress up to the nines, have bucket lists to work through and enjoy their twilight years to the full. And have fun!

This book was immensely entertaining, utterly enjoyable from the first page to the last and downright brilliant! Hugely inspiring and absolutely charming.

It also inspired me to set up a gin club! Watch this space!

So what did I learn from this book? I need to be more Olive! Now and in the future! That’s what!

I raise my G&T to you Catherine Miller! CHEERS MY DEARS!

THE GIN SHACK ON THE BEACH deserves every single one of its five big fat gin & tonic stars from me.



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