A Summer to Remember by Sue Moorcroft

One of my favourite books of the summer is now only 99p so in celebration I’m delighted to be joined by Sue Moorcroft today who has written a lovely post about the great British Seaside. I absolutely loved the book and you can read my review here: https://www.kimthebookworm.co.uk/blog-tour-review-a-summer-to-remember-by-sue-moorcroft/

The great British seaside

I don’t have many memories of visits to the British seaside when I was a kid. An army family, we lived mainly in Germany, Cyprus and Malta until I was eight and a half. Although it sometimes seemed as if I lived in the sea when we were posted to Malta it was all about swimming and snorkelling rather than candy floss and fish ’n’ chips.

The exception was a two-year posting to Hampshire and I do remember a holiday to a Clacton holiday camp during that period – but mainly because I was ill.

When Mum and Dad had both left the army we settled in Northamptonshire. It’s quite a distance from the coast but seaside holidays did come in my teenage years. I was definitely past the bucket and spade stage by then and more into posing around in a bikini.

It was when I had my own kids and couldn’t afford many holidays abroad that I began to visit Norfolk, the setting of A Summer to Remember. The beach was a huge attraction and we’d all spend hours in the sea, even if we had to wear wetsuits to make the chilly water bearable. At Hunstanton, the funfair was a perennial attraction with my particular favourite being the waltzer; the kids would also browse the joke shop or play the amusements and if it was sunny I’d sit outside and leave them to it. Further along the coast we spent long hours crab fishing off the quay at Wells-next-the-sea or messing around with inflatable dinghies or body boards as the tide came rushing in.

We weren’t well off and owned a succession of second (or third or fourth) hand trailer tents and caravans. Putting up the tent or awning was not my favourite part of the holiday but barbecuing on a summer evening while the children made friends with other kids from nearby camping families was pretty relaxing. So were the couple of beers afterwards.

There’s something individual about the British seaside. It makes me think of piers, formal gardens, little trains that run on wheels, lots to eat and smiling faces. I was happy to return to Norfolk and create a tiny village up on a headland above the salt marshes. It was just the place for my heroine Clancy to escape to.

A Summer to Remember blurb:


WANTED! A caretaker for Roundhouse Row holiday cottages.

WHERE? Nelson’s Bar is the perfect little village. Nestled away on the Norfolk coast we can offer you no signal, no Wi-Fi and – most importantly – no problems!

WHO? The ideal candidate will be looking for an escape from their cheating scumbag ex-fiancé, a diversion from their entitled cousin, and a break from their traitorous friends.

WHAT YOU’LL GET! Accommodation in a chocolate-box cottage, plus a summer filled with blue skies and beachside walks. Oh, and a reunion with the man of your dreams.

PLEASE NOTE: We take no responsibility for any of the above scumbags, passengers and/or traitors walking back into your life…


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